Everybody Struggles!!!

image source: WikiHow

Imagine a life where everything is smooth and stable without any problems maybe that sounds nice
but for me, this life would be SO BORING!

I think that is why problems exist, so life doesn’t be boring
Problems and struggles add challenges which drive us to discover new things and break the routine of everyday life

We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome

R. C. Allen

Just embrace your problems and appreciate the things you will learn out of them

For this blog, I’m going to talk about the struggles I met so far while interning with mUzima through Outreachy

The Struggle

mUzima was supposed to accept only one intern to work on their project but then they found out that they will have two interns so they added a requirement beside the main project. and there comes the struggle

The requirement was to find a solution to view HtmlFormEntry module forms in mUzima’s app

Me and Aishat, the other intern, never used HtmlFormEntry module before so, we needed to study it first and understand it very well also understand how the mUzima app render the HTML forms on mobile and how the HtmlFormEntry module converts the forms to HTML

I felt so overwhelmed at that point
The number of classes we needed to understand was huge


To overcome this I tried first to look on the documentation but it wasn’t very helpful so I asked my mentor Simon to clarify the app structure for us and, he was very responsive, he quickly planned a call on that day to answer our questions

Also, I and Aishat contacted and worked together as a team which was very helpful to me

By the time everything started to make sense and we started to understand the solutions available for the problem

Finally, we reached a solution that we think will fit better for the mUzima app

So yeah I did it and finished week 3 peacefully

I can type the image source but you know it already


Talking out your problems doesn’t make you weak or seem ignorant
you’re a human it’s okay to have problems it’s okay to feel stressed

Always ask for help whenever you’re stuck and you will always find someone to help I promise

Can’t wait to meet the struggles that are waiting for me shortly.
Just kidding it will be very stressful but it’s okay!


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